Brain Research Society (Turkey) (BArD)

Brain Research Society (Turkey) is a scientific society founded by researchers working in the basic and clinical neurosciences in Turkey.



Ertan YURDAKOŞ (President), Çiğdem ÖZKARA (Vice-President), Yasemin KESKİN-ERGEN (Secretary General), Tamer DEMİRALP (Treasurer), Hakan GÜRVİT (Member)


Nebil Yıldız, Mehmet Ergen, Özlem Akman, Hasan Raci Yananlı, Ezgi Tuna Erdoğan



Pınar Yamantürk-Çelik, Dursun Kırbaş, Rezzan Aker


Murat Emre, Nihan Çarçak, Atilla Uslu

Foundation: 23.12.1991

Number of Members: 350

Aims of BArD:

1. The primary objective of the Society is to work for the development of scientific research carried out in Turkey in basic and clinical neurosciences in terms of quality and quantity.

2. To this end, the Society carries out introductory activities emphasizing the importance of neuroscience studies and encourages young scientists to conduct research in various branches of neuroscience.

3. It guides the research topics taking into consideration the future potential of the various fields of basic and clinical neuroscience branches and the conditions and requirements of the country.

4. It provides individuals who wish to carry out research in various fields of neuroscience with support and scholarships such that they gain scientific research skills or learn special techniques.

5. It provides financing for research projects in the field of basic and clinical neuroscience.

6. It arranges programs allowing for education of researchers to be engaged in neuroscience. To this end, it organizes courses, scientific meetings, conferences and congresses.

7. It ensures that neuroscience researchers are spread across the country, and that nation-wide cooperation and coordination are established in similar research areas. It sets up branches for this purpose.

8. It cooperates with international institutions and organizes joint international congresses to ensure the development of basic and clinical neuroscience in Turkey.

9. It prepares such publications as journals or books as well as introductory brochures on neuroscience-related topics.

10. It collaborates with govermental and private institutions and with the media organizations in connection with the objectives of the Society.